Mar 7, 2013

Artists in Weird Places: Carl Barks' Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny

In Artists in Weird Places, we'll look at times when artists have stepped out of their comfort zone to do something different. Click here for the archive!

Carl Barks, known for most of his life as "The Good Duck Artist," is, of course, known best for his work on Donald Duck. Most notably, he created Uncle Scrooge. He's one of the best and most important comic book artists of all time.

So I'd definitely consider the fact that he worked on Looney Tunes characters "weird"!  "Porky of the Mounties" tells the story of Porky Pig wearing a Mountie costume and ending up in Canada, where his girlfriend Petunia is vacationing. Bugs Bunny's in tow!

You can read the whole story here.

Barks has gone on record, however, in Carl Barks: Conversations that he couldn't draw Bugs properly.

Well, I didn't do too badly on Porky and Petunia, but my Bugs was so bad that the staff artist had to draw all new faces on him. The ones he couldn't change he drew on another piece of paper and cut it out and pasted it over the faces that I had drawn. Oh, I didn't get any praise out of it, but I was happy that it came out that way because I had no intention of ever being that much of a cartoonist that I could draw Bugs Bunny. It was over my head.

So the Bugs Bunny in the story, isn't really Barks' Bugs Bunny, but Porky is! And it's just unfortunate that Daffy Duck isn't in this story, because, you know. Barks and a Duck.

Update: I just found this oil painting by Barks featuring "Porky of the Mounties"!

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