Dec 11, 2012

Easter Eggs: Alan Moore in Swamp Thing

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So, Alan Moore, known in recent years as the dude who turns down big money because he doesn't want to work with Hollywood or DC Comics, made his name in American comics on DC's Swamp Thing series, starting with its 20th issue. He stayed on that title until issue #64.

In this comic, Swamp Thing and his lover Abby are reunited after a long separation. We're also introduced to a new character named Gene LaBostrie.

Yep, that's Alan Moore!

Moore wrote "himself" into the story to say goodbye to the series. There's a sequence where LaBostrie, after turning money down for an easy enough job, looks at the growth on the swamp's banks and his shadow waves to him.

Check out those first two panels too. Moore was on his way out of DC at the time, and his stance hasn't changed since. Money isn't everything, not to him, and he still gets a kick out of turning money down. Also, his last commitment with DC was to finish up V for Vendetta, hence "the current creasing his pole into a wide and trailing 'V'."

Let the good times roll.

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