Oct 19, 2012


So, to everyone in the Metro Manila area, Komikon is next Saturday! So here's David Hontiveros, talking about the three komiks he and his artists are putting out that day!

Greetings, Earthling.

Halloween is almost upon us, but before then, we’ve got some Komikon hijinx to deal with first.

Any of you mighty fine folk who plan to be there on October 27 and to drop by the Alamat table will have these titles to choose from (in alphabetical order):

BATHALA: Apokalypsis
Issue 5B (of 7)
By David Hontiveros and Ace Enriquez
Black and white
Price: 50 pesos

What if there was only one superhuman in the whole world?
What if the world was about to end as predicted in the Book of Revelation?
What can one superman do to hold back the hand of the Almighty?

Rescued by the People from his torturous captivity in Abaddon’s locust hive on the Guadalupe Bridge, Bathala must now face the four Angels of the Euphrates to prevent the slaughter of 2 billion people.

Meanwhile, Harold Hernandez and the UP are just waiting for their shot at putting an end to the hero once and for all.

Volume 1: The Skeleton at the Feast
Issue 1 (of 5)
By David Hontiveros and Ian Sta. Maria
Black and white with colored cover
Price: 70 pesos

Kadasig has served the Lady Ibu for centuries.

He was human, once. But today, he is a living, breathing kutummu, his skin now merely the scabbard for the seemingly infinite array of weapons he draws from inside himself, weapons he shapes from his own flesh and bone, to best serve the Lady in the only way he truly knows how.

He is the Lady’s kallaapu; her knight, her enforcer.
He is her beet tilli; her arsenal.
He is her kak daami; her bloodstained weapon.

And she is about to use him to finally lay her enemies low...

Picking up where the Underpass story, "Katumbas" left off, "A Life Less Ordinary" is the first of five chapters of The Skeleton at the Feast, chronicling the further adventures of the tsinelas-wearing badass, Kadasig.

Δ: A Vision of Dust
Issue 1 (of 4)
By David Hontiveros and Xerx Javier
Black and white with two colored covers
Price for cover 1: 70 pesos
Price for cover 2: 70 pesos
Price for both as a set: 100 pesos (50 pesos each)

In the many rooms of the House that is the World, there are arelim and shedim. Most men know them as angels and demons.

On occasion, both these races have been known to spill their seed onto humankind, producing hybrids forever caught between species, having characteristics of both, but belonging to neither.

Lucio Portador is one such hybrid.
He is the first point of our triangle.

Δ: AVoD is a four-issue limited series about three individuals who are trying their best to be who they yearn to be, while having to deal with all the weird sh!t baggage of who they are.

See all you mighty fine people at the Kon!

you can’t drink just six,


Komikon will be held at the Bayanihan Center at Pioneer, Mandaluyong City. If you're commuting, take the MRT or bus to Boni, then take a trike from Robinsons Pioneer and say "Bayanihan Center." If you're driving, get on EDSA and turn onto Pioneer, then just go straight until you see the Bayanihan Center on your left. Tickets are P100 each.

See you there, guys!

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