Sep 8, 2012

Kerry Callen: Credit Where It's Due

I've been a big fan of Kerry Callen since April 30, 2010, when I discovered his Cross Panel Comics, in which he and his son build a web of comics like a crossword puzzle.

Kerry does a lot of stuff that goes viral, and I just wanted to give him the proper credit here. Here's a few things he's done.

What if Wonder Woman forgot her costume?

What if Silver Age Marvel had Silver Age DC– type storylines?

What if Bruce Wayne's mood had been different that night?

Kerry does a lot of other stuff, like animated comic covers, remakes of old covers, and a strip called Super Antics, parodying the Superman world. He also at times provides us with comic-related artifacts such as these old DC greeting cards and vintage DC superhero valentines.

Kerry Callen deserves to get credit for these things, when they go viral. You can wait for his next piece to hit you on Facebook, or you can follow his blog. I'd suggest the latter, because even the stuff that doesn't go viral is a lot of fun. And to close it all off, here's his deleted scene from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

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