Sep 24, 2012

Back Issue Ben: Easter Eggs: Bug

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There are Bugs on My Easter Eggs!
by Ben Smith

I've told you before about the wonderment that is Bug, former Micronaut and Guardian of the Galaxy. Well, way back in 1997, Bug got his own one-shot comic from Marvel, written by Todd DeZago, with Derec Aucoin, Rich Faber, and Ralph Cabrera on art. I'm going to go ahead and guess that this wasn't a big seller, and that none of you have probably read this, but it is actually an enjoyable book filled with Easter Eggs, which we all love so much.

The story involves Bug being pulled from the Microverse, into conflict with Annihilus, whose cosmic control rod has gained limited power over time and space. What follows is a tussle throughout the history of the Marvel Universe (and beyond), that sees them play a part in the origin of many key characters.

First up, is a certain wall-crawling web-slinger...

...and then they find themselves on the back of a truck carrying radioactive chemicals.

Next, Bug appears outside a stately manor, on, as the caption says, "A Dark Knight."

He narrowly avoids being a snack for one Mighty frog.

Even Calvin and Hobbes make an appearance.

The two cross paths with the Hulk, Punisher, Dr. Doom, Iron Man, Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Beast, Captain America, and the Inhumans, before Bug is able to save the day. So, you see, Bug was fighting Annihilus long before Annihilation.

Fred Hembeck gives us a board game in the back, and the eagle-eyed reader might notice a familiar looking Green Lantern hidden on the page.

This joke just made me laugh.
There you have it. A fun little book that you probably never would have realized you want to read, but now I'm sure you have decided that you must. Happy hunting for this one friends.
See you in the Microverse!

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