Aug 15, 2012

Easter Eggs: Jughead Jones in Duckburg

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Tomorrow, I'll be reviewing Fantagraphics' latest addition to The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library, UNCLE SCROOGE: ONLY A POOR OLD MAN. Before that, though, I'd like to share with you this panel from one of the stories in it, entitled "Outfoxed Fox." In it, Scrooge wants to buy up the lots of his nephew Donald Duck and Donald's neighbor...

....Jughead Jones. Yes, apparently Donald's neighbor shares the name of Archie Andrews' burger-munching best friend.

I have no idea how protective Archie was of their property back then — you always hear stories about how they were angry at MAD's parody of them, entitled "Starchie," and how that possibly led to the formation of The Comics Code Authority. Maybe they weren't so protective of this one because it was just a backup tale in a Disney comic, and it's not even Jughead anyway? Maybe they didn't want to get into it with Disney? Who knows? Either way, it's pretty funny.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

No doubt a case of the name being catchy enough to work despite already been taken elsewhere.

ramapith said...

The character is just Donald's usual feuding neighbor Jones—but it's interesting that Barks only ever gave him the first name in this one story. Maybe there was a complaint way back when?

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