Jun 13, 2012

Crisis on Independent Earths by Mitch Ballard

I don't usually post commissions here on The Cube, but I thought this was way too cool not to share. Mitch Ballard, the George Perez–influenced commission artist, has drawn this gigantic piece he calls "Crisis on Independent Earths."

Click to view in full size.

It's a take on the George Perez/Alex Ross CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS poster, which is also the cover used in recent collections of the series.

Click to view in full size.

In Ballard's piece, I can recognize some, but not a lot, of the characters. Still, the ones I do recognize make me jump with glee and wish that this were real. Who wouldn't want to see The Shield with MF's Captain Marvel and the Rocketeer? The Brain Emperor vs. Miracleman? The THUNDER Agents running into Atari Force?

Mitch has smaller sections of this piece number-coded on his ComicArtFans site, where he names every character. Check it out. (Just click on "next" under the pictures to get to the next sections.)

Now, who do I have to coerce with cookies to make this real?

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