May 20, 2012

Previews: David Hontiveros' DAKILA and URIEL

And now, a word from David Hontiveros.

Greetings, Earthling.

Some of you may recall a couple of years back, when Bathala: Apokalypsis launched at the same con that Jon Zamar's Codename: Bathala did.

Truth is, my erstwhile editor Budjette Tan uncovered Jon's plans for his similarly-titled comic before the con, and our adding Apokalypsis to the title was simply a way to distinguish it from Jon's comic.

Well, it appears that Jon and I have been hanging about the same sections of the collective unconscious, as we've again got similarly-titled comics, though I think Jon is launching his at this coming summer Komikon, while my comic is still being worked on as I compose this blog post.

So, yeah, just as Jon and I had our Bathalas, now, we've got our Dakilas.

But, thankfully, as I told Jon over email, I'm so glad and so relieved that though his comic will also be titled Dakila, none of his characters will be called that.

I'm not sure what the history of Jon's comic is, but the Dakila I'm writing came about as a spin-off to another title I started working on in early 2010, so I've basically been sitting on it for over two years now, and it was during our Artist Search late last year (hosted right here) that Dakila become one of the titles that finally got moving out of its stasis.

As with URIEL and AGYU, DAKILA is a comic I'm psyched to see come together and finally get out there. All three titles are set in the same universe, a world I first introduced in my 2005 Visprint Penumbra novella, Parman, so if you happened to have read that book, then much of my upcoming comic book work may be of interest to you.

Below is the inner front title page for DAKILA, bereft of its masthead and visuals, as well as a double page spread from URIEL, to give you an idea of how that's coming along as well.

As work currently continues on DAKILA, and URIEL, and AGYU, it's a tad too early to tell when their launch dates will be, but, as always, we'll keep you posted here on the Cube.

In the meantime, spread some good karma into the cosmos to help us out.

As always, keep an eye on the Cube for further previews and announcements.

you can't drink just six,


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