May 30, 2012

Batman's Pick-Up Line

It's going to take a lot for me to rate Dark Knight Rises anywhere near as highly as I do Avengers, mainly because I didn't like Batman Begins and only really liked Dark Knight for the Joker sequences, but if this happens in the movie, it'll go a long way into helping me rate it more highly.

I have no idea which comic this is from or even who did it. This came from my friend's blog, which I will not link to because he has some, er, questionable material on it. But here's Batman showing his tender side to Catwoman.

Because, you know, nothing turns a girl on more than being blindfolded, taken into a dark cave, and being shown a stalagmite formation that sometimes reminds you of her.

Geez, Batman, your idea of wooing a woman is vastly different from everyone else's. Watch a movie or something. You've got issues.

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