Apr 8, 2012

Easter Eggs in Comics: The Daily Bugle in Gotham City

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Today's Easter Sunday Easter egg comes from Judd Winick and Mark Bagley's short run on BATMAN, collected in the LONG SHADOWS TPB. This is the first story arc featuring Dick "Robin/Nightwing" Grayson as the Caped Crusader (we'll pretend PRODIGAL never happened) that's not written by Grant Morrison.

Two-Face notes that there's something wrong with Batman as of late — he's smiling too much, for one thing. So he's gathering all the evidence he can, including a bunch of newspaper clippings.

Check out the bottom left! Apparently, the Daily Bugle shows up in Gotham City as well, with its usual headline "Threat or Menace?"!

Interestingly, this 1981 story by Denny O'Neil and Frank Miller is
the first instance
of this now-staple headline of the Spider-Man mythos.

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