Dec 16, 2011

RIP Joe Simon and Eduardo Barreto

Joe Simon is best known as the co-creator of Captain America with the King, Jack Kirby. He was also the first editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics and was Kirby's most frequent collaborator, even if you include Stan Lee. Along with Jack, he was the pioneer of so many comics genres, including romance comics and horror comics. He was a true legend in the field and his name should be mentioned in the same breath as people like Stan Lee and Will Eisner. He will be missed.

Eduardo Barreto was of that school of artists that I just love so much: the detailed yet understated artists who never overpowered the story, much like Jim Aparo. He drew many things I loved as a kid that I never even knew to give him credit for, like this one:

But I will always, always associate him with Brian K. Vaughan's THE ESCAPISTS, in which he drew the retro adventures of Michael Chabon's fictional hero, The Escapist.

THE ESCAPISTS is one of my favorite comics of all time (read about it here), and Barreto will always, always be a part of that.

Rest in peace, sirs. Thank you for everything.

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