Nov 5, 2011

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November

As most readers of the Cube will know, I had a total fanboy moment when David Lloyd showed up here back in May, as he drew on my copy of V FOR VENDETTA.

V, of course, is a comic predicated on this day, the fifth of November, which is Guy Fawkes Day in the UK. I first read it when I was seventeen years old, and it changed my way of thinking, even if almost half of it — namely the political bureaucracy, most of which I was disinterested in at the time in real life — went well over my head. But the ideology presented (that of anarchy, real anarchy, not punk rock anarchy) really got to me, and although I must admit I don't subscribe to the ideology as a whole, it has factored in significantly into my way of thinking.

But honestly, V FOR VENDETTA holds a special spot in my heart for two reasons.

The first reason is that it is, to this day, the only comic book to ever make me cry. Those of you who have read it will probably be able to figure out which part of the book did it for me. It's the "Valerie" chapter, in which Evey, the female protagonist, finds a letter in her prison cell, which was written by the previous inhabitant of that same prison cell. The letter is one about Valerie's life, the acceptance she sought, the love she lost, and the end of her days. Most importantly, it's about standing up for who you are and what you believe in, and for whatever reason, that really resonated with me back in 1999. And it still does.

I've read Chris Ware's stuff, I've read GOOD-BYE CHUNKY RICE by Craig Thompson. I've read a lot of the "tugs on your heart" stuff, but this one chapter of this one comic book by Alan Moore and David Lloyd is the only one to actually elicit tears from my eyes.

The second reason this book has a special place for me is that it's my fiancee's favorite comic book. You could probably tell that as she was with me when I met David Lloyd to get her own copy signed.

And perhaps by complete coincidence — or is it fate? — today, the fifth of November, happens to be Peachy's birthday.

Much like my brother yesterday, this site wouldn't exist without her, as she encouraged me to start it, well over a year ago. So everyone greet her a happy birthday! NOW!

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Paul C said...

Happy Birthday Peachy!

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