Nov 20, 2011

Komikon 2011!

Komikon was a blast! I was there the whole day and barely realized it. It makes a big difference, I learned, to be going to these events with actual people instead of being a lone wolf who'd drop in, buy comics, and then leave.

To give you guys some context, I'm part of a Facebook group of comic book lovers, so me and the other Filipino members in it decided to hang out at Komikon together. It's nice to have people to talk to about this stuff while you're there, as opposed to kinda looking around, buying stuff, and then dawdling for the next event. So I said I'd be there all day 'cause I wanted to cover the event. But I'm an idiot, you see. Danry, my co-writer for this past recommendations article (which was featured in The Inquirer on the day itself), was there by 9:30 in the morning, when the gates opened at 10. As for me, not only did I have no ticket in advance, even though I had six or seven opportunities to get one prior to the day itself, but I took a cab and gave myself 30 minutes to get there. Of course, since it's Christmas shopping time, the traffic was heavy, the meter was high, and I ended up getting into the convention itself at 10:30, at which point I spent 15 minutes looking for Danry.

While I wasn't there, though, Danry was already going around, hanging out with the likes of Gerry Alanguilan (ELMER), showing him his copy of CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #8 (with the iconic Mike Zeck cover):

Gerry then set the tone for the day for us by solidifying Danry's status as the number 1 local komiks fan by giving him this.

That's right, that's an original drawing of ELMER personalized just for Danry for all his support.

If that's not a sign that you're appreciated by the creators you support, I don't know what is.

More info and even more pictures after the jump!

Danry and I pretty much went around after that, first at the Alamat table where only Kajo Baldisimo (TRESE) was the only guy manning the table, showing off these customized (in)action figures of Alexandra Trese and the Kambal!

Here's me with Freely Abrigo (KAPITAN TOG) and Norby Ela (WEATHER-WEATHER LANG). I wrote the intro for Norby's new offering, PROLOGUE. He pretty much sold out, I think, which is great.

Here's Danry checking out a customized Kapitan Tog action figure. See if you can guess the base!

Here's Rommel "Omeng" Estanislao (BRUHO BARBERO), who was really living up to his gimmick by offering to cut some of the hair of the people who bought his komik!

Here's me with Benji Bartolome, the guy behind TEAM TAG TEAM.

See that huge giant line in the back? That's for Manix Abrera (KIKOMACHINE and 12), and that line never died down, ever. Manix went on to win two prestigious awards later that night, and we'll get to that later.

Here's Michael David (KUBORI KIKIAM) having a photo-war with Danry.

Here's Melvin and Joanah Calingo (CRESCI PROPHECIES). CRESCI looks like an interesting series of books and I'll be sure to put it on my list of future buys.

Just for fun, here's another picture of Melvin.

Then the rest of the Alamat table, sans Ian Sta. Maria (SKYWORLD) showed up! Okay, fine, Mervin Ignacio (also SKYWORLD) showed up later, but here they are! Here's Mervin.

Here's Budjette Tan (TRESE). Sorry, Budj, this picture was classic. Hope you don't mind.

Someone was also going around showcasing colored recreations of  some local comics. I think he was an art teacher and his students did it, but I'm not sure. Here's the one they did for TRESE.

Here's me with Dave Hontiveros (BATHALA: APOKALYPSIS).And remember, you have till tomorrow to send me your samples if you want the chance to work with Dave.

The other half of the BATHALA team showed up later. Here's Dave with Ace Enriquez.

Then Danry got to meet his hero. Here's Pol Medina Jr. (PUGAD BABOY)!

We also bought Ed Tadeo's new komik, JACARA ZAR. We didn't get a picture with Ed, but we got one with Nikko Sansolis, the son of Sandy from Comic Odyssey. Awesome!

We took a break and ate at Jollibee, then we hooked up with our buddy Edrick Tan. Then we hung out a bit outside the hall with Ace Enriquez.

Me, Edrick, and Ace

Check out Ace's currently-in-progress tattoo!

We went back inside at 5:00 p.m. and watched the Komikon Awards, which covered local comics from July 2009-July 2011. First, they gave the Comics Ambassador award to the current face of Filipino komiks, Gerry Alanguilan, and one of the true pioneers of Filipino comics, Tony DeZuniga.

The Best Webcomic Award went to Ted Pavon and Hub Pacheco's WIPCOMICS!

The Grassroots Award went to WIPCOMICS for third place, Kristen Bayoneta and Emil Dela Cruz of ICE CREAM INDIE for second place, and Mel Casipit of BABOY, MLU, and MUKAT for first place.

The Best Comic Scene went to Paolo Fabregas' FILIPINO HEROES LEAGUE. It's the pedicab scene!

In what was a complete surprise to me, the Best Komiks Character Award went to Maso from BAYAN KNIGHTS and not Alexandra Trese, whom I thought would have been a landslide win.

However, the Best Cover award went to Kajo Baldisimo for TRESE: MASS MURDERS right afterward.

The Comic Aid Award, which was given to people who supported local komiks, was given out twice. The first was to Hugo "Boboy" Yonzon III, the CEO and President of YES!, which is the parent company of Mango Comics. He is also the president of Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas and the spearhead of the upcoming First Philippine International Cartoon, Comic and Animation Festival (PICCA).

The other one was given to Sandy Sansolis of Comic Odyssey.

The Best Cartoonist Award went to Pol Medina Jr., in what took no one by surprise.

In also a completely unsurprising category, the Best Comic Creator(s) Award went straight to Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo of TRESE.

The Best International Artist Award went to Stephen Segovia.

Herbert Chavez, best known as the dude who got plastic surgery, came onto the stage dresses as Astiging Boy Ipis to present the award for Best Serialized Comic to... ASTIGING BOY IPIS!

Now here's where it gets ridiculously impressive. It was impressive before, but the next two awards just wowed me. The next thing they awarded was the Best Comic Strip Compilation Award, which went to KIKOMACHINE KOMIX BLG. 6.

That was followed immediately by the Best Graphic Novel/Anthology Award, which went to 12.

Both komiks were done by Manix Abrera!

Let me repeat that, okay? The guy who had a long line of people waiting for him to sign their stuff from the opening of the convention until the end, beating even Pol Medina Jr. in terms of queue length, won two of the "Best Comic" awards, one of which had ELMER and TRESE as nominees.

If you haven't read 12 yet, I suggest you do. Strongly. And I would suggest that Manix and company pitch 12 to a foreign publisher, because it's really universal.

After that, we pretty much just dawdled around, conversed, and hung out. I bought SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen for a discounted price.

We hooked up with the last ICS member of the night, Christopher Cornejo, and went out for beers afterward as Peachy joined us.

Christopher, Edrick, me, and Danry

Till next time, Komikon! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Duy

Its been a great experience overall. Ended at 3am. I had fun guys. Let's do this shit again.


Buy Comics said...

Hi there,

This Komikon event sounds interesting particularly to those who are avid fans of various comics. Great job for the Filipinos here for keeping the art of comic book alive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Duy!

Cool Komikon report! And I'm with you...



Jerald Doris

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