Oct 6, 2011

WHODUNNIT 1: Who Shot Danny Scott?

So if my Google Analytics are anything to go by, my scan of WHODUNNIT #3 was a huge hit with you guys, so I figure I'd give you the first issue as well. Unlike #3, I actually have the solution for this, which I will share if there's enough demand to see it.

Again, I'm not advocating full scans of anything anywhere, and if I'm ever asked to take this down, I will. But this is out of print and I want you all to experience the wonderfulness of an interactive comic book. Why are there no comics like this today?

WHODUNNIT is copyright Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle, and is a great back issue find anywhere! The entire issue is after the jump! Click the images to see them in full size.

Remember, you need to answer ALL the questions to qualify as a correct answer!



Anonymous said...

please tell me the answer its been bugging me for weeks now we used this comic in our Graphic novel class but i have to know if i was right!

desperate said...

please post the answer its been bothering me for weeks since we did this comic in my Graphic novel class. i found your post and got so excited but i see you never posted the answer! have pity

Duy Tano said...

No one actually tried guessing, so I figured there was a lack of interest. Can you gusy give me your answers?

deperate said...

1.Lou berger killed Danny
2. his motive was to save Sue from exposure- thus running his profits
3. the doc this one is hard but a hit man perhaps on of Tony's
4. why to get back evidence- if Tony exposed the letter to get harry stein for the mob he would have to get it back before it was found to be a fake
5. same as the doctor
6. he was just in the way simple and talked to much

do i have to get it right to find out, because i am probably wrong i just got to know!

Duy Tano said...

1. Correct! They said it was a "woman's name," and that name was "Lulu." Which is actually Lou's nickname.

2. You're getting there. He was in love with Sue, and Sue marrying Danny would ruin both their careers. He had to break it up, so he killed Danny.

3. Nate Parks, Sue's bodyguard, killed the doctor. The chemicals found on the doc's body were Sodium, Tellurium, Phosphorus, Argon, Potassium, and Sulfur - the chemical symbols of which are Na,Te,P,Ar,K,S.

4. Correct. He had to get back the letter.

5. The letter is the phony piece of evidence, as zip codes weren't invented yet in 1961.

6. Correct, Nate Parks, the same person who shot the doctor, shot Jerry.

7. No; he was aiming for Endicott and missed, simple as that.

Glad you enjoyed it!!

desperate said...

thank you!!!!!

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