Sep 28, 2011

WHODUNNIT 3: Who Offed Henry Croft?

So over a year ago, I wrote this. Go ahead. Read it. It's short.

I now have the entire run of WHODUNNIT? by Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle. That's right! All three issues! So now I know Who Shot Danny Scott, and I also now know Who Slew Kangaroo! But of course, since the fourth issue never came out, I have no way of knowing (short of asking Mark Evanier, which I did for the first issue last year, but never got a response, unfortunately) Who Offed Henry Croft!

So against one of my big rules on The Comics Cube!, I have chosen to scan in the entire issue, along with the rules at the end, so you — yes, YOU — can tell me who you think offed Henry Croft! Answer all the questions posed at the end, and don't just say who did it. Say how and why!

WHODUNNIT is copyright Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle, and is a great back issue find anywhere! The entire issue is after the jump! Click the images to see them in full size.



Noel said...

Wow, this is a tough one. Are these the only pages in the story? (The pages in between pages 5 and 8 (05.jpg and 06.jpg) were for ads, right?)

I don't have answers to all the questions and some aspects to the crime still leave me baffled but I'll give it a try.

1. I'm guessing it's Vogel.
2. He was actually not on the set when the murder happened, he was working with Buchanan. It was Buchanan in the trailer and he used a recording of Vogel's voice (page 11) to make people think Vogel was also on the set. Later on, he was wearing the spaceman costume, was involved in the explosion (and that's why he looked pale when talking to Endicott shortly after). Buchanan was unhurt and managed to switch with Vogel shortly after the explosion. Buchanan was also the person who arranged for Croft's secretary to be away when Vogel killed Croft.

3. Well..... I have absolutely no idea how Barnes' fingerprints got to be on the murder weapon. But as far as orchestration is concerned, everything was set up by Buchanan and Vogel in order to have Barnes as a scapegoat, and there's a chance that the deal with Croft was all made-up by Buchanan.

4. I'm guessing the explosion was intended to kill Vogel.

5. Ric Morgan, he mentioned he got to the set early, anyway.

Well, those are pretty much just guesses from me. I hope somebody somewhere has a better idea of the solution to this case. :-)

Duy Tano said...


Fixed! Thanks, Noel.

Noel said...

3. So now I'm guessing the gun Barnes was holding on page 7 during the party could have been the revolver (without bullets), probably covered with white plastic so Barnes could have his prints all over the handle and trigger?

Duy Tano said...

That's my inclination as well.

Budjette said...

I had this issue! And I was able to get the second issue as well. I tried to solve it. Not sure if I ever sent my answer, but I was really hoping to win the cash prize.

Been meaning to do a murder mystery where I will ask the readers to try and solve the case.

I have a Batman issue, which had an 8-page story that had a murder mystery. A page before Batman revealed the killer, he actually points to the reader and the caption read: YOU'VE SEEN ALL THE CLUES THAT THE DARK KNIGHT DETECTIVE HAS SEEN. DO YOU KNOW WHO THE MURDERER IS? MAKE YOUR DEDUCTIONS BEFORE YOU TURN THE PAGE.

And I just loved that!


Duy Tano said...

I wish they had switched the second issue with the third! The second issue had this logic puzzle that could only have one possible answer - no narratives to be explained, so it's okay if we never see the solution. You can work it out perfectly!

Anonymous said...

FYI: The answer for issue #3 was printed in Crossfire #24

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