Sep 25, 2011

Original Art from Shannon Wheeler for My Fiancee!

Almost a year ago, I reviewed FRACTURED FABLES, an anthology featuring modern retellings of fables, fairy tales, folklore, and children's songs, here on The Comics Cube! One comic in particular, "Row Row Row" by Shannon Wheeler (who won the Eisner for best humor publication this year for his book I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER), was very charming and was the particular favorite of my fiancee, Peachy. The strip features a fisherman and a fish singing the old children's song in tandem.

When I got in touch with Shannon Wheeler almost nine months later, I didn't hesitate to tell him that it was Peachy's favorite strip in the book with thirty-five strips. Fast forward 360 days later, and look at what comes to me in the mail.

And you know what was inside it?

And of course, Peachy loved it!

Thank you, Shannon Wheeler! It is awesome!


Bruce said...

Kick-ass reward for all the work you put into the comics cube. Nice.

London Elliott said...

That makes me wanna go check out some Shannon Wheeler material! Great story!

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