Jun 1, 2011

Reclaiming History

Greetings, loyal Cubers, and welcome to the index for Reclaiming History! This is an ongoing series where the Comics Cube! tries to balance out what the history books say and what actually happened!

Reclaiming History focuses on underpublicized creators, facts and factoids about characters and companies that are often misrepresented due to the passage of time, and any other items that may be incongruous with the history books. It's only fitting that the icon for this feature is Bill Finger, the real creator of Batman.

1. Bill Finger, the Real Creator of Batman

2. Why Green Lantern Isn't as Important as You Might Think

3. Jess Jodloman, the Filipino Artist Who Went Under the Radar

4. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, the Most Important DC Artist You Haven't Heard of

6. Captain Marvel versus Superman

7. Captain Marvel in the Great Brinks Robbery of Boston in January 1950

8. The Encyclopedia Americana Entry on Comics, 1958

9. Roger Stern, the Best Superhero Writer of the 80s 

10. EC Comics and the New Trend

11. In Defense of Hank Pym

12. Dave Gibbons and WATCHMEN

13. Carl Barks and Why He May Be the Greatest of All Time 

14. Jack Cole's Plastic Man

15. Top 10 Archie Artists 

16. David Lloyd on V for Vendetta

17. Len Wein

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