Jul 26, 2011

Easter Eggs in Comics: Tintin in FANTASTIC FOUR

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So recently, a friend of mine gave me a bunch of TINTIN comics, by Hergé.

I've never read TINTIN, so I was very excited to read them. But I thought it fitting that he gave me these books the exact same week I bought FANTASTIC FOUR, volume 3 #1, by Scott Lobdell, Alan Davis, and Mark Farmer.

In this story, the Fantastic Four is taken to France, where they meet a bunch of protesters who want to keep old structures intact instead of rebuilding them. One of them looks familiar.

Yep, that's Tintin, folks. "Actually, I'm Belgian," is because Tintin IS Belgian, but his comics were published primarily in France!

Later on, Tintin has to run away, and what does he say?

"Billions of blistering blue barnacles!" is the catchphrase of Tintin's supporting character, Captain Haddock!

Pretty cool, huh?


Jon said...

I never would have figured they would put Tintin there. Many artists tend to read the works of many other artists.

Not Wes said...

Tintin is surprising since most artists read not the work of other anti-artists in the world above/below us to the detriment of non-readers in the this world of thinking backwards.

Achille Talon said...

Having read "Tintin" in French, I'm deeply surprised and amused at what the English translator gave to Haddock as a catchphrase. The French one is primarily "Mille sabords !", meaning "A thousand scubbles !" When he wants to emphasize it more, he can say "A million thousands scubbles !", "A billion of thousands of millions of thousands scubbles !" And so on. He also often say "Tonnerre de Brest !", which literally means "Thunder from Brest" and is actually a real French expression predating Tintin, though it was made much more famous by Haddock.

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