Jul 31, 2011

Easter Eggs in Comics: Simon and Kirby in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE LEGEND

Welcome to another installment of Easter Eggs in Comics! Click here for the archive!

I figured this would be a nice time to give you guys a treat, since the movie is out. There was a one-shot comic called CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE LEGEND in 1996, celebrating the publishing history of Captain America before the whole Heroes Reborn/Rob Liefeld mess happened.

It contained a three-page story called "Scenes We Never Saw," written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway. The story focuses on what happened when Steve Rogers was awakened from suspended animation and tried to get back into the legal system. Click the pictures to read the entire story.

So, does the guy who recognizes Cap look familiar to you?

Yep, that's Jack Kirby, who was born Jacob Kurtzberg, the artistic creator of Captain America, talking to his co-creator Joe Simon!

"Kurtzburg" says "Don't ask... just buy it," which is a tagline Kirby himself used when he was, of all things, working for DC, as in this cover of JIMMY OLSEN #141!

I also want to say that the running pose in page 3, panel 3, is a classic Kirby pose, but I can't actually find it in a Kirby comic! If anyone can, please send me an email.

For more on Simon and Kirby, read this article.

It's nice to see tributes paid to Simon and Kirby. And incidentally, don't Jurgens and Ordway draw a great Cap?

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