Jun 11, 2011

DC Reboot Reactions: On the Superman News

Holy cow, well, it looks like I jumped the gun on yesterday's post about what Superman titles of the reboot I'm going to get. I was working off of the assumption that the rumors swirling about George Perez were true. Turns out they were only half-true. Perez is writing SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF TOMORROW and doing the covers, but it is Jesus Merino doing the art.

This is a problem for me, because I don't like Jesus Merino's artwork. It's not that it's bad; it's that I just don't think it's anything special. What's more, George Perez the writer has a habit of writing for George Perez the artist, meaning that he tends to write things that he would like to draw. This has led to some awkward combinations in the past (most notably with Tom Grindberg on THE SILVER SURFER), and I don't really see Merino's style as meshing with Perez's.

All of a sudden, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF TOMORROW has moved from "I am definitely getting this," to "I'll wait for the preview pages and decide then."

On the other hand, though, there is Grant Morrison and Rags Morales' ACTION COMICS:

And whatever the Superman situation is, I can't deny that this looks intriguing. Although it hasn't moved to my "definitely will be getting this" list yet, it is moving closer and closer to it.

By the way, is everyone just assuming that we're all getting one Superman this September? Because these and the Jim Lee outfit all look significantly different to me.


Reno said...

What if Al Capp became Superman? :)

Reno said...

Whoops. I meant "What if Al Capp created Superman?"

Duy Tano said...


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