Jun 23, 2011

Comics Techniques and Tricks

Greetings, loyal Cubers, and welcome to the index for Comics Techniques and Tricks, the feature in which I spotlight effects that only comics can do! Here, you'll find the list for Techniques and Tricks catalogued on the Cube so far. I hope it'll be interesting to you readers and helpful to aspiring comics artists!

You may notice some repeating names, but I assure you, none of these features are repeated.

1. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez: Superman vs. Wonder Woman

2. Gustave Verbeek: The Upside-Downs of Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo

3. Frank King: Gasoline Alley

4. Art Spiegelman: A Day at the Circuits

5. Alan Moore and Bill Sienkewicz: Big Numbers

6. Chris Ware: Quimby the Mouse

7. Frank Miller: The Dark Knight Returns

8.Rick Veitch: Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset

9. Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III: Promethea

10. Craig Thompson: Good-bye Chunky Rice

11. Neal Adams: Ben Casey

12. Frank King: Gasoline Alley

13. Steve Ditko: Beware the Creeper (featuring Marcos Martin and Andy Kubert)

14. Will Eisner: The Spirit

15. George Perez: Infinity Gauntlet

16. Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy: Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu

17. J.H. Williams III: Promethea

18. Winsor McCay: Little Nemo in Slumberland

19. Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Elder: Tales Calculated to Drive You MAD 

20. Ben Oda and Marshall Rogers: Detective Comics "The Laughing Fish"

21. Marcos Martin: Amazing Spider-Man

22. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez: The Many Worlds of Tesla Strong

23. Brian Crane: Pickles

24. Tony Harris: Starman 

25. Jim Steranko: Tower of Shadows

26. Art Spiegelman: In the Shadow of No Towers

27. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez: Batman: King Tut's Tomb

28. Archie Comics: Revealing Word Balloons

29. What Not to Do

30. Windows and Doors as Panels

31. Thor: Worldengine by Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato

32. The Foreground Polyptych

33. Timejumping in Fantastic Four #352

34. Looking at Pages from Little Nemo, Sailor Moon, Starjammers, Uncle Sam, and Avengers Unplugged

35. The Trick Ending

Check back frequently for more Comics Techniques and Tricks, only from The Comics Cube!

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I've been going through this collection of posts. Excellent work!

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