Mar 24, 2011

Comics' Biggest Boners: Brola, Not Jack Kirby's Finest Creation

Welcome to the second edition of Comics' Biggest Boners, in which we showcase some of the biggest goofs and gaffes in comics! Click here for the archive!

And now, your host, 1950s Joker!

Another present from my mom from her recent trip to the States, where she used and abused, was JACK KIRBY'S FOURTH WORLD OMNIBUS, which is, to sum it up in one word, incredible. I know that Jack Kirby created the Marvel Universe, and I'm not saying that the New Gods are better characters than Thor and Captain America and the Fantastic Four, but the creativity and the craft that he puts into the New Gods was so off-the-charts that I would actually call that time period, 1970s DC, prime Kirby.

Except for Brola.

In THE NEW GODS #2, Orion walks into an apartment and sees Darkseid. Darkseid is accompanied by an evil henchman named Brola, who wields a shock-prod and the "hand of stone." Here he is, using the shock-prod.

When Orion stops him from shocking him any further, he then uses his hand of stone.

In the next panel, we have a closeup of the hand of stone. Which just looks like a hand holding a brick. Permanently. Forever. It's not Jack Kirby's finest creation, but it had me in enough fits that I wanted to blog about it immediately.

But then the next panel happens, and I knew to blog about it right in this category, because when Orion gets the upper hand and throws Brola, all of a sudden, Brola's got TWO hands of stone!

Somehow this got past Jack, his inker Vince Colletta, and the editors, letterers, and colorists at the time!

Thanks to the people at DC Wikia and Collin David for the scans. Go read Kirby's Fourth World, folks. It's incredible.


Paul C said...

If I was Orion I'd be insulted that Darkseid had only brought Brick-Hand along to sort me out.

Paul C said...

Had to leave another comment 'cos this gets funnier every time I look at it! "No living thing could have survived getting hit really hard with a brick!"

Duy Tano said...

Dude, don't even start with the brick jokes. You'll get a lot of them Silver Surfer/Spider-Man people coming in here! Haha!

Darrell D. said...

To be fair, this got past Colletta because Colletta could care less. I'm surprised Vince didn't just remove the hands altogether and make them full bricks.

Peter Gillespie said...

Whatever, Darrell.....

Nice inking over Kirby, Colletta always did produce nice work with Jack. Great Scans!

Anonymous said...

That last panel doesn't look like the same comic or artist. It looks more like Walt Simonson. Are you sure that's not from Simonson's much later Orion?

Duy Tano said...

Pretty sure, considering all these images came from the same Kirby story in the first Kirby New Gods Omnibus. (New Gods #2)

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