Feb 8, 2011


I don't usually go outside of the comics medium in this site, but this is worth it. I've got a good friend who works at Disney. We'll call her "K." No, I will not send her your resume. Anyway, "K" sends me a video over email, with the following text accompanying it.

My friend Robb at DTS animated and directed this Superman short (he worked for months drawing each individual cell whenever he could find spare time at 3 am) and he hopes to eventually pitch the style to Warner Bros.  He's all about classic Superman and the look and feel is based on the 1940s serials.  If you could help him publicize or post comments on the youtube page, that would be awesome and he'd be extremely grateful!  And cool trivia, he's friends with John Haymes-Newton who played Superboy from the 80s, so he's the one doing the voice!  :)

Help him spread the word since he would love to bring back that old traditional look and develop a new series for WB!

After viewing the video, I gotta say, it's pretty good.  It's nice and refreshing to see Superman being silly again and not have it be a parody. In fact, "K" adds:

I thought his Superman style and vision was quite in line with yours. His biggest nightmare is for them to make Supes all dark and brooding and hip.

And that's always good to me. So without further ado, I present to you SUPERMAN CLASSIC by Robb Pratt. Support it by publicizing it or leaving comments on the YouTube page!

And of course, you've got a whole bunch of Superman cartoons here:


Kat said...

Thanks so much for posting! I'm really glad to see this video gaining a lot of traction online, I've already seen it posted on Slashfilm, Cartoon Brew, Comics Alliance and even IMDB! I'm hoping it means good things for him, he's a great guy with a ton of talent, and DC and WB would be lucky to have such a true Superman fan on the payroll.

Duy Tano said...

There you go, "K."

I think another thing that would help is if these sites made it clear that he's trying to pitch it. Without it, he turns into a guy who did a fan video very well.

Kat said...

I think it's actually a smart strategy, since the work and the enthusiasm people are showing for it sort of speaks for itself. He's an animation veteran who's already got a good gig going, so he's not begging for a job, but the video shows that he's super talented and has a great vision for the character. Then hopefully after seeing it posted all over the blogosphere and after getting over 60,000 hits in 24 hours, they'll approach him.

Duy Tano said...

Or it could be that, yeah. It's a little too early to say, considering that DC is under new management.

thinkingcog said...

Not since the Bruce Timm version of Supes have I been so excited about a cartoon version of the Big S..Ive been posting this everywhere I can and really hope that Warner Bros gives him a shot!

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