Dec 3, 2010

Easter Eggs in Comics: Who Spidey Gonna Call?

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My brother pointed this out to me when reading the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 24/7 TPB, and I can't believe I missed it.

In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #589, Peter Parker goes to visit his Aunt May at her charity organization, F.E.A.S.T., when she's harassed by three men in suits. In the background are four people in plainclothes.

Now, you can't see the face of the one on the right, but do they look familiar?

That's right, it's Winston, Ray, Egon, and Peter from the Ghostbusters!

I thought it would actually be even cooler if they just omitted Peter, and Peter Parker could be his stand-in, but it's still pretty cool!

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