Dec 2, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Deck the Halls with Marvel Comics!

One of the first subscription ads I ever saw. And also one of the most memorable. I  bet there are people who actually would complain about this portraying the villains as out of character.

Twenty-three more days till Christmas!


Joseph Thomas said...

[whiny voice] This obviously isn't in continuity; at best it's an alternate Earth of some kind .... [takes hit from inhaler]

How's that for affirming stereotypes about comics readers! :-)

Also, I've nearly made it through December! I'm curious if there's a bottom to this blog, or have you been writing it since before there was an Internet?


Duy Tano said...

Very convincing, Joseph!

I started this site last year in May, but I had some holdover articles from before then on my personal blog, which I just transferred here in May. That's why the articles before May 2010 aren't as in-depth.

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