Nov 12, 2010

The Top Ten Most Influential Comics Writers

From November 15, 2010, to November 26, 2010, the Comics Cube counted down the top ten most influential comics writers of all time. Not the ten best, not my ten favorite, just the ten most influential.

The criteria is simple: What was the writer's overall impact on comics and the way they were told? How much have people built off of the work of this writer, sometimes without even realizing it? How much did they revolutionize? Did they affect how the world outside saw comics?

Check back on this particular post every day for the rankings!

10. Chris Claremont
  9. Otto Binder
  8. Alan Moore
  7. Charles Schulz
  6. Will Eisner
  5. Stan Lee and the Marvel Bullpen (mainly Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko)
  4. Art Spiegelman
  3. Carl Barks
  2. Osamu Tezuka
  1. Harvey Kurtzman

That's the list! Here's the shortlist of the people who didn't make it! And if you agree or disagree, let me know by commenting, here, on any of the posts, or on the Comics Cube's Facebook and Twitter pages!


Darrell D. said...

Not a bad list. In a list of ten, you have hit the major ones. I would probably put Stan Lee higher, as he and Jack Kirby basically redesigned the way that superhero comics are done. That also bled into other genres, as guys like the Los Bros Hernandez have stated how they were influenced by them.
Lists like these are so hard to judge or even compile, so good job.

Duy Tano said...

Thanks Darrell. Honestly, Stan on his own would have been below Eisner and Schulz, while Stan and the Marvel Bullpen would have gone up a notch -- if Art Spiegelman didn't win the Pulitzer Prize. The top 2 was set, though, and Barks being the first guy to really do 40-page stories that weren't a chore to read, as well as outselling, you know, everyone ever, just edged out at 3.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

the only one i know here is osamu tezuka and mr.stan lee...
i really idolise mr.tezuka..he made a big trend in comic industry creating a nation that is really interested in inventing things(thanks to boy atom a.k.a astroboy)...

Duy Tano said...

Thanks! I hope you took the time to read the rest of the articles and learn more about the history of comics!

Henrik E. Kock said...

Where is Hergéé ???

lucasjacome said...

mauricio de sousa ?
quino ?

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