Oct 12, 2010

Where Will The Comics Cube Be This Weekend?

F-f-face front, True Believer! This weekend, I, your friendly neighborhood Comics Cubist, will be off supporting the local Filipino comics scene at Cubao X, as Manix Abrera has an exhibit up. Manix is one of those artists whose work I never get to support due to little things like running out of money, but I'll be there at the Pablo Gallery at Cubao Expo at 7pm on Friday, October 15. Okay, not AT 7pm, since I get out of work at 7pm, and Peachy and I will want to eat dinner. But we'll be there, and then we'll probably get some beers afterwards. Stop by and support local creativity, damn it!

I will also be going to Comic Odyssey's last sale of the year. I do most of my shopping at Planet X, which, by the way, is still selling anything from before June 2010 at 15% off, but I can't resist a sale. Comic Odyssey's TPBs, HCs, and complete comic sets will be anywhere from 20% to 50% off, manga and other merchandise will be from 10% to 50% off, and all back issues in the bins will be 50 pesos! That's like a dollar per comic, folks. That's how much it cost back in 1991!

I'll be at the Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galleria, probably before I head off to Manix's exhibit, because I want to get all the good comics before I get beaten to it. I'll also be at the one in Robinsons Manila on Sunday, probably with the kids.

I'll be looking for any cool back issues, but first and foremost, I will be looking to complete the gaps in my collection. The main titles I'm looking to finish up are Ron Lim's run on THE SILVER SURFER, Kurt Busiek and George Perez's run on THE AVENGERS, Marv Wolfman and George Perez's run on THE NEW TEEN TITANS, and Dan Curtis Johnson and JH Williams III and Mick Gray's CHASE. Therefore, here's stuff that, if you so happen to be unfortunate enough to be holding while I'm passing by you, I will take the nearest Iron Man minibust and whack you over the head with its gold-plated tin can armor until it opens up and we see Tony Stark's porno mustache.

All covers from the Grand Comic Book Database.

Additionally, if anyone out there has these issues they're willing to sell, feel free to send me an email.


Budjette said...

i had the complete set of CHASE. then we moved house and had to put some of my comics in my lola's house. and then it rained and basement got flooded... an entire balikbayan box of comics had to be thrown away :(

Duy Tano said...

DAAAAAAAAMN! And I bet it stings even more knowing that it's probably inflated in value since JH became a superstar. (Not that you would have ever sold it)

Anonymous said...

Joe Satriani, the guitar god was a big fan of the Silver Surfer and his Surfing with the Alien was a homage to this comic book.

I'm wondering if Silver Surfer still talks like a poet like the way he was written in the early 80s or so.

Duy Tano said...

That's so weird, I was just reading about the Satriani/Surfer connection a couple of days ago.

I haven't read any Surfer comics since around 1994, but I'm fairly certain he still talks like a poet. According to the kids though, he talks like a stereotypical surfer dude in Superhero Squad.

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