Sep 8, 2010

Resident Kid Sure Knows How to Pick 'Em

I told Tristan, the Comics Cube!'s Resident Kid, that I'd treat him to a bunch of back issues as fit a certain budget. So he went wild and got some Green Lantern issues (starring G'nort, which should seal just how awesome he is in the first place), and then some random issues of Malibu's Night Man, just because he was intrigued by the name.

Hoo boy, am I glad for his choices. Check out one of the issues he bought. This one is Night Man #2. The cover art looked really familiar to me...

...So I checked out the credits box, and...


And then there's this one...

At first, it seems like a regular Green Lantern issue - the cover is by then-regular artist Darryl Banks - but then you open it up and ...

GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY! Early JH Williams III and Mick Gray on interior art!! That's awesome!!

Ha and Williams are two of my favorite artists - they're both definitely in the top 5 - and this kind of stuff is always great, because you see where they evolved and where they didn't. Contrasting Williams' work then to his work now notes a huge change, but his design sense was already evident as early as 1996. (Actually, if you compare JH's work from this to his work on Promethea in 1999-2006, the changes were already evident, and Promethea is also markedly different from his Batwoman.)

Gene Ha, on the other hand, pretty much draws the same way - his style on Night Man is really similar to his work on Top 10. His layouts are already really solid and I always thought that between him and JH, Gene was, in terms of technique, the better artist. (Whereas JH has the edge in tricks.)

Great finds. My resident kid is awesome.

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