Aug 23, 2010

What to Expect From the Comics Cube! In the Next Couple of Weeks

There's a lot for the Cube! to tackle in the next couple of weeks, folks. So here's what you can expect to see.

I've got this friend who mentioned the Spider-Man Clone Saga to me, and I said, "The Clone Saga was a ridiculous ridiculous mess, made more ridiculous by the fact that it COULD have been so good." I then pointed him to The Life of Reilly, a blog that covered what went wrong with the Clone Saga in 35 parts. Plus comments. Likening it to a legal brief, my friend then told me that a summary would be nice. So at some point, stop by to see my attempt at summarizing a really really long and convoluted period in Spider-Man's history.

At the Komikon this last weekend, I met Ace Enriquez and David Hontiveros of Bathala: Apokalypsis, Budjette Tan of Trese, and Jess Jodloman, a prominent artist of Filipino komiks and DC horror titles, including such titles as Secrets of the Haunted House and Weird Mystery Tales. Jodloman was a contemporary of the Redondos and the Alcalas, and I must say is one of the most "Bill Fingered" artists to ever come across the pike. I bought a folio.

Anyway, to that end, expect reviews of Bathala: Apokalypsis and Trese relatively soon.

Also, expect a couple of new installments of Reclaiming History, one featuring Jess Jodloman, the underhyped Pinoy, and one featuring Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, quite probably the most important DC Comics artist that people have rarely ever heard of.

Also, expect to see a new edition of A Sense of Wonder. Unless I change my mind, this will have to do with Captain Marvel, and why attempts to integrate him into the mainstream DC Universe have been at best moderately successful.

Beyond that, you can expect to see the usual Easter Eggs and Comics Techniques and Tricks!

I'm also thinking of having another theme week, much like Spider-Man Week, or another two-week long countdown feature, much like the Top Ten Most Influential Comics Artists. I take requests, folks! Tell me what you want me to talk about, and I'll likely be able to do it.

So keep tuning in, Comics Cubers!


    Peachy said...
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    Duy Tano said...

    I will try. But what, specifically, about Pugad Baboy, though?

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