Aug 28, 2010

George Perez Needs Support

Hello, folks. As you may or may not know, George Perez is my favorite artist. He's also pretty much known as the nicest man in comics, is behind on deadlines. Unlike most people, he has a damn good reason.

A few months ago, George went through some eye surgery, due to worsening eyesight. There have been follow-up procedures, and George has been finding it hard to draw, since the drawing table has a light that shines through the paper.

This has drastically delayed the already-decades-long-delayed Teen Titans: Games, for which George, in his infinite graciousness, feels really bad, but I think we can all say that health comes first. Feel free to drop George a line and give him your support on his official Facebook page or his Twitter account.

Teen Titans: Games

Don't worry about us, George. It's worth the wait. Take care of yourself.

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