Aug 29, 2010

Escher in Comics: Jim Aparo's Phantom Stranger

Welcome to another installment of Escher in Comics, in which we take a look at how some comics use MC Escher's artistic techniques! Click here for the archive!

 For those of you not in the know, MC Escher (1898-1972) was a Dutch graphic artist that was known for tessellations, optical illusions, and mathematical pictures.One of his most famous pieces was the woodcut print, "Another World."

As you can see, it plays with the concept of a center of gravity, and can't possibly exist.

Which is perfect playing ground for supernatural characters! The Phantom Stranger, one of DC Comics' mystical characters, was never given a straight-up origin, in order to play into the whole "man of mystery" angle. So when he got featured in Secret Origins #10, dated January 1987, writers Dan Mishkin, Alan Moore, Mike Barr, and Paul Levitz collaborated with Ernie Colon, Joe Orlando, Jim Aparo, and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez to tell four very different origins for the gray walker.

Check out Jim Aparo's cover, a clear nod to Escher's "Another World"!

You can find out more about Secret Origins #10 on this Phantom Stranger blog!

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