Aug 4, 2010

Easter Eggs in Comics: Double Dragon

Welcome to another installment of Easter Eggs in Comics! Click here for the archive!

So, I'm sure people of my generation remember the Double Dragon video game franchise. In it, two twins (who look exactly the same except for hair color) named Billy and Jimmy Lee are martial arts experts. Well, in 1991, Marvel got Dwayne McDuffie and Tom Raney to bring Double Dragon to the comics page. The comic was actually pretty good, especially when you consider that they were working with such a limited concept. And McDuffie and Raney decided to have some fun with it, bringing in an Easter Egg that could work only if the comic was published by Marvel.

In the fourth issue, Billy and Jimmy Lee meet their dad.

That's right, the Double Dragon's dad is "The Man" himself, Stan Lee!


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