Jul 5, 2010

Support Gene Colan! Buy Original Art!

For you Comics Cubers who are fond of buying original art (and I know that there's at least one of you), please consider buying original art from Captain America #601, which is the final work of comics legend Gene "the Dean" Colan.

For those not in the know, Gene Colan drew comics in the 60s, well before the time of artists having fancy contracts and being treated humanely by publishers. He had no royalties (and with Jack Kirby himself having no royalties, this isn't really a surprise), despite the considerable amount of influence he had on books like Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula. Therefore, Gene Colan's financial well-being was dependent solely on his work and his ability to save. Given the income for comics artists, the ability to save isn't much. So Gene has had to rely on whatever work he can get, and on selling original art and doing commissions for fans.

Gene Colan's wife died on June 21, 2010, but before that, some marital spats somehow - and this is none of our business - led to Gene Colan injuring his right shoulder. This is the arm that Gene uses to draw, so for all intents and purposes, Gene has no income.

To that end, this Web site goes into selling Gene's original art, as well as some art created for Gene by other artists. Please take the time to visit it and see if you can help out a living legend!

Over forty years later, Gene Colan's shadow work is still unparalleled.


ike said...

will check if i can afford any.

The Professor said...

Thanks for posting this, Duy.

ike said...

they're also selling a lot of other stuff aside from original art. check it out.

Peachy said...

What a shame that incredibly talented people have to be hoodwinked by mammoth corporations. Why won't he file a civil suit? I'm sure he could get compensated, given how little he's received for such valuable work. Or maybe I'm being a dreamer.

Duy Tano said...

I have no idea what money he would use to file a suit with, and keep in mind that at this point, he'd be going up against Disney, not just Marvel.

The Kirbys are having a hard enough time gaining their share of the rights, and Kirby has much, much more of a claim to it than... anyone. Ever. So I would think it's a lost cause for Colan. (All the more reason the Kirbys should win their case!)

Duy Tano said...


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