Jul 21, 2010

A No-Prize to the Professor

Okay, so back on June 19, I unveiled my new banner, which had each letter of "The Comics Cube!" in a different logo. I offered a no-prize to anyone who could get all the letters.

No one did, but the Professor came close, so I'm awarding him a no-prize. What's a no-prize, you say? Well, if you grew up reading comics anytime before the mid-90s, you should know. If you didn't -- too bad, you really missed out.

Basically, a no-prize is just that - no prize. It's an empty envelope from Marvel:

And it was awarded (with editorial discretion) to readers who spotted continuity errors in comics and could come up with clever explanations for such gaffes. These days, you can get a digital no-prize for meritorious service in the spirit of comics, but I think it says a lot that spotting continuity gaffes back in the day was a fun activity for readers competing for no-prizes, and now spotting continuity errors in comics results in message board messages that essentially go "OMG this writer is so st00p1d, how did he not know that in Amazing Spider-Man #9, Electro crawled up a wall and had JJJ thinking he was Spider-Man?" Sometimes I feel like the 'net just breeds a bunch of people who like to complain. And bloggers. And bloggers who like to complain.

Damn bloggers.

Anyway, getting back to the point, which logos made up my banner? Well, to be honest, I completely forgot where I took the E from, and since it was rather bland anyway, I decided to change it to a new one. So here we go. It's gonna be graphics-heavy from here, so you'll see the answers after the jump.

The "THE" is from Promethea, specifically issue #2:

The "C" is from Action Comics, which to this day, retains the same logo it's had since 1938:

The "O" is from the 60s run of Phantom Stranger:

The "M" is from the classic (and currently used) logo of Amazing Spider-Man:

The "I" is from Archie:

The "C" is from old Captain America:

The  "S" is from the classic Justice League of America:

The "C" is from the Golden Age Captain Marvel Adventures:

The "U" is from Legion of Super-Heroes:

The "B" is from the 80s Batman logo, a character, I'd like to point out, who has never had a good logo, ever:

The new "E" is from the early issues of Avengers:

And finally, the "!" is from the 80s Shazam miniseries (Thinking about it, I probably should have used something else):

Congratulations to the Professor for getting the ones I expected anyone to get! Enjoy your digital no-prize!

1 comment:

The Professor said...

I should have gotten the "B" from Batman and "E" from Avengers. I don't feel bad about any of the others. And, hey, it's a No Prize! Wa-Hoo!!

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