Jun 17, 2010

On Marc Swayze and Mixing Styles

As a follow-up to my earlier post about mixing styles, I found an old article in Comic Book Marketplace #120 detailing the rise of Captain Marvel and family in the Golden Age. (By the way, does anyone get this? No one else had spin-offs that went in their own comics but Captain Marvel. There was no Supergirl back then. Robin didn't have his own title. But Captain Marvel had Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior, Mary Marvel, Uncle Marvel, and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. Does anyone else understand this?)

In it, Marc Swayze himself recounts how he got the Mary Marvel job.
"They had sent me several sketches of a flying hero in a red suit," he recalled. "I didn't let on that I didn't know the name of the character."
When editor Ed Herron told him, "We couldn't distinguish your art from Beck's," Swayze asked, "Who's Beck?"
 Well, I guess that settles that! There's a lot more interesting stuff in the article, like C.C. Beck recounting that one of the secrets to Captain Marvel's success is a very sparing use of superheroics, which I'll undoubtedly talk about in the future!

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