Jun 19, 2010

New Banner

Anyone who can name the titles for the logos I used for the banner gets a no-prize.


The Professor said...

I'm willing to share a no prize ... so let's see if I can get this started.

The first C is from Action Comics, old school!

The O is giving me fits.

The M is from the Amazing Spiderman

The easiest ones are the i from Archie and the second C from Captain America.

The S is not ringing any bells.

The C in Cube is from Captain Marvel.

At this point, my energy wanes.

Duy, you don't want issue numbers, right?

Duy Tano said...

No issue numbers, just the titles. Eras aren't even important.

And I'll be honest - I completely forgot where the U and the E are from, but I remember them being "important" titles. I could be wrong, though. The "O" is from a 60s kind of horror comic that features a relatively well-known DC "superhero" who crosses into Vertigo every now and then. The "S" and the "B" are from two very famous franchises. I'm not really expecting anyone to get the "the" and the "!"

The Professor said...

Okay, the O is from Phantom Stranger. No wonder it was bugging me; I loved that series. So "comic" (not "comicS") is now done.

Duy Tano said...

Correct, sir! Neal Adams did some great work on that Phantom Stranger series (as he does, like, everywhere).

The S, the B, and the exclamation point are from DC titles. The exclamation point is a more modern logo (e.g., the last thirty years), but when you think about DC's stable of characters and what they'd be called on a cover, it narrows the field for the "!" a lot.

And before anyone asks, yes, I intentionally put the Action and Captain Marvel logos as dueling Cs.

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