Jun 15, 2010

Easter Eggs in Comics: Tintin in Teen Titans Spotlight #11

This is the first of Easter Eggs in Comics, an indefinite series focusing on inside jokes in comic books! Click here for the archive!

In Teen Titans Spotlight no. 11, cover-dated June 1987, by RJM Lofficier and Joe Orlando, the Brotherhood of Evil somehow find their way into an alternate earth that has been taken over by mutated creatures after a nuclear holocaust. They're forced to be on the side of the good guys for a while, and that's where they meet a guy named Tin.

Look familiar?

Later on, Tin tells them the tale of his planet's sordid history, a tale that goes back all the way to when he was a teenager, and he had some very recognizable friends.

Ringing a bell yet?

I'll wait for you to think about it.

Okay, give up?

Yep, "Tin" and friends are Herge's Tintin, Captain, and the Professor!

Fun stuff!

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RaceForTaste said...

haha I grew up on asterix and tintin!!!!!

Leandro Aude said...

Also, if you look at the first picture, you can spot The Punisher´s logo in the form of a human-brained robot. With a Chewbacca lookalike at his right.


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