May 5, 2010

JH Williams III covers Batman Beyond

Do I really need to say anything else? JH Williams III covers Batman Beyond!!! 

Granted, he's only doing the covers, but seeing Batman Beyond get his own series is great, and seeing JH's rendition makes it pretty much an instant sell.


Anonymous said...


RaceForTaste said...

ehh...I never really enjoyed batman beyond. Especially the costumes

Anonymous said...

Really? I thought that BB was very refreshing and a great newish take on the saga.hyp

Matt said...

I could've sworn they had tried this, frankly surprised they took this long.

Duy Tano said...

I know someone who can't stand the costume just because of the fact that the mouth moves. I can kinda see that, even if it is a little superficial. I'm the guy who didn't like Iron Man because he has a mustache.

Matt, they released a Batman Beyond comic in conjunction with the cartoon as it was coming out, but that was it. This is the first time it's standing alone.

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