Apr 30, 2010

Cross Panel Comics is Awesome

This is a real treat. Kerry Callen and his son, Martin, decided to play a game and make a comic like a Scrabble game or a crossword puzzle.

It's a really fun experiment, and is another example of things comics can do that nothing else really can.

I applaud them and this effort. It reminds me of some examples from Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics and Art Spiegelman's A Day at the Circuits:

That having been said, it's a really tough device to pull off, even for just short gags. If anyone could figure out how to work this device into a longer-form story, then I'd really be in awe.


ike said...

Thanks for the share!

Duy Tano said...

No problem, Ike! I always like it when they do all these comics-exclusive techniques. I hope to showcase more in the future.

RaceForTaste said...

That it SO COOL! I love this blog! Keep it up! I have bookmarked it on my daily must read list.

Duy Tano said...

Thank you!

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