Mar 31, 2010

MEANWHILE... RIP Dick Giordano, 1932-2010

Dick Giordano has passed away. Long live Dick Giordano.

As a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s, I can't possibly relate the first time I saw Dick Giordano's work. He was so prolific, and he was just everywhere, doing so many things and wearing so many hats, alternating between inker, artist, editor, and vice president.

I will happily point out, however, the first time that Dick Giordano's work first stood out to me. It didn't even come in a comic book itself. It came in a book called How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips by Alan McKenzie, which I read in the late 80s. A very informative book, it contained a lot of examples to showcase techniques and devices used by many artists at the time. This was the book in which I was first exposed to the works of Neal Adams, Alan Moore, Alan Davis, Frank Miller, David Lloyd, and many others.

But the one example that truly blew me away is the one below, from Detective Comics #457, dated 1976.