Oct 1, 2007

Is there mileage in a new Joker origin?

In the Killing Joke, we're introduced to a possible origin for the Joker. The Joker, of course, only remembers it this way sometimes. His past is multiple choice, and so he doesn't have just one origin.

In the latest Countdown, though, he sets it up as if he were to relate three possible origins, with the first one being the Killing Joke origin, and the second one being the movie origin, but then the third one really just returns to his Killing Joke origin, or at least the second part of just about all of his origins.

Is there mileage in exploring other plausible Joker origins? If Grant Morrison delved into his Jack Napier movie origin, or if Paul Dini in Detective introduced a Mask of the Phantasm-like plausible origin for Mr. J, do you think there would be growth in the Bat-mythos? Or would this just be seen as a Killing Joke retread and be forgotten in a couple of years?

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